Crop*A*Ganza February 15-17, 2019 ***** SOLD OUT ***** Please call to be on WAIT LIST 316-733-0029

By registering ONLINE you are agreeing to the terms below!  Please be sure and list in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER section, any special requests as well as the names of those that you'd like to be seated with or near!!  As the event date gets closer, you'll be hearing from us A LOT and will have plenty of opportunities to put your requests in then as well!!  IF YOU ARE WANTING TO PURCHASE A WHOLE TABLE FOR YOURSELF - YOU WILL NEED TO INCREASE THE QUANTITY OF YOUR CART TO "2" BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT!

MEDIA RELEASE: occasionally we post pictures from ganza on social media, commercial segments, etc. If you do NOT want your photo to be used, please tell us prior to the event.

REFUND POLICY:  I understand that all refunds are subject to a $30.00  cancellation fee.  Refunds MUST occur prior to JANUARY 18th, 2019.  Scrap*Funattic is not responsible for lost or damaged items during CAG, nor can we control the weather or travel conditions.  All special requests MUST be listed (in the special instruction section) at the time of registration.  We will do our very best to meet your requests. Only paying registrants are offered the hospitality room.  PLEASE (out of respect to other croppers) limit the amount of CHILD activity inside the Atrium (crop room).  We LOVE FAMILY time, after all that IS where nearly all of our memories come from to scrapbook about, right?!  HOWEVER, many of our croppers come to Ganza to RELAX, UNWIND, ESCAPE - to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!  SO....unless you have paid for your child to be a participant at the event, we ask that you please keep your visiting children with you at all times, and limit the amount of time spent in the crop room.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this situation!

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